We build progressive volunteer power in state legislatures while also reorganizing our democracy to reflect the majority of the people.

Our Mission

Downballot Progress advocates for progressive leadership within state legislatures across the nation while also organizing efforts to reshape our democracy to create a just and equal country.

Through targeting the most high impact seats, we’re advancing policy solutions that meet the crisis in democracy we face now while also preparing for the future. Together, we can create a country where one person equals one vote.

What We Do


We research the over 7,500+ state legislature seats to find where volunteers can make the most impact in advancing national progressive causes.


We then lobby legislators, train campaign staffers and recruit volunteers to support candidates who will be additional or decisive votes to pass crucial, progressive legislation in those states.

Promote Reform

Downballot Progress will promote current progressive policy solutions within state legislatures including creating progressive tax systems, promoting Green New Deals for every state, and strengthening social justice in all pieces of legislation.

Strengthen Democracy

But we’re also strengthening our democracy for the future by calling for new national initiatives like adding a voting rights amendment to the Constitution so that progress made by Congress can’t be struck down by federal courts and no one faces discrimination at the ballot box.

Our Platform

  1. Advance Economic Justice

    The best action states can take to create a just economy that works for everyone is to raise taxes on the wealthiest individuals and structure a progressive tax system to fund sorely needed public programs that benefit working families. In addition, states need to raise their minimum wage to $15/hour immediately and create a plan to raise them to $25/hour by 2030. Lastly, lawmakers need to pass legislation that protects workers, which strengthens paid sick, family and medical leave for all employees, unions, and workplace democracy.

  2. Strengthen Social Justice

    It is beyond cruel and inhumane that states allow discrimination based upon sex, race, gender identity or sexual preference. We must pass versions of the Equality Act in every state and protect our brothers, sisters and siblings whenever their rights are under attack. Not only must we ensure these rights, but we must recognize that all written legislation must protect them. We see discrimination way too often, whether it’s under the guise of housing, healthcare, economic, criminal justice or any kind of policy topic.

  3. Champion Democracy

    Our Founding Fathers warned us about the tyranny of the majority opinion, but it turns out they created a system that forces us to live in the tyranny of the minority opinion. It’s time that popular majorities actually translate into popular laws. That means we’ll advocate for such ideas like canceling the electoral college, adding a voting rights amendment to the Constitution, removing corporate money from politics, and ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment.


Why volunteer?

By joining Downballot Progress, you’re building the permanent volunteer infrastructure our movement needs to bring forward change today and tomorrow. Only together can we build the political power necessary to reshape our democracy to meet the crisis we face now and in the future.

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By donating to Downballot Progress, you’re building the long term volunteer infrastructure needed to pass progressive change in our country.

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