Press Release

Nabilah Islam named State Legislative Ally

NEW YORK, New York – Downballot Progress named Georgia State Senate candidate Nabilah Islam a State Legislative Ally today.

The Georgia State Senate primary is on Tuesday, May 24th where Islam will face off versus a centrist opponent for the Georgia’s 7th State Senate District seat. Islam’s election is located within the intense primary between centrist incumbent Congresswoman Carolyn Bordeaux and further left incumbent Lucia McBath who were redistricted together. Congresswoman McBath endorsed Nabilah and Bordeaux endorsed Nabilah’s centrist opponent.

“Let’s be clear – we must send a message that a progressive vision is the future of the Democratic Party by sending Nabilah Islam to the State Senate and McBath back to Congress,” said Downballot Progress’ Executive Director Amaury Dujardin.

Dubbed Georgia’s AOC, Nabilah is running on expanding medicaid, pegging the minimum wage to inflation and the cost of living, and expanding ballot access in a crucial state. 

Per usual, Downballot Progress’ picks were based off of a combination of refusing large corporate and influential lobbyists contributions, building a progressive platform for their campaign or voting for progressive policies during their time in the state legislature.


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