Press Release

Oregon State Legislative Allies

NEW YORK, New York – Downballot Progress released an updated list of State Legislative Allies in Oregon.

This list comes on the heels of Downballot releasing it’s first state legislative ally, Oregon State Senator Jeff Golden. Senator Golden is the only Democratic state legislator to not take large corporate or influential lobbyist donations.

These new allies include candidates Annessa Hartman (HD 40), Farrah Chaichi (HD 35), Jonathan Chenjeri (HD 56), Ramiro Navarro (HD 21), and Mark Gamba (HD 41).

Per usual, Downballot Progress’ picks were based off of a combination of refusing large corporate and influential lobbyists contributions, building a progressive platform for their campaign or voting for progressive policies during their time in the state legislature.


Downballot Progress empowers Americans to advance progressive change while organizing efforts to reshape our government to ensure a system that represents people equitably. Downballot Progress will complete its mission through educating, championing and uniting millions of Americans willing to stand up for a just and equal democracy that works for everyone, not a privileged few. In doing so, Downballot Progress will work to create a government that reflects the views of the majority of Americans, thus strengthening our democracy for a sustainable republic.