Press Release

New York State Legislative Allies

NEW YORK, New York – Downballot Progress released its preliminary list of State Legislative Allies in New York.

These allies include Assemblymembers Zohran Mamdani (AD 036), Emily Gallagher (AD 050), Marcela Mitaynes (AD 051), Phara Souffrant Forrest (AD 057), Yuh-Line Niou (AD 065), Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas (AD 034) and Mathylde Frontus (AD 042), Senators Jabari Brisport (SD 25), Andrew Gounardes (SD 22), and Samra Brouk (SD 56), and cadidates Sarahana Shrestha (AD 103), Illapa Sairitupac (AD 065), David Alexis (SD 21), Samy Nemir-Olivares (AD 054), Kristen Gonzalez (SD 17), Delsenia Glover (AD 070), Jessica Altagracia-Woolford (AD 081), Jonathan Soto (AD 082), Juan Ardila (AD 037), Keron Alleyne (AD 060), and Vanessa Augeleo (AD 095).

In its release, Downballot Progress emphasized the importance of recognizing organizations already within New York that help achieve Downballot’s mission. “Like California, in these cases, it’s important that Downballot Progress stand to the side as much as possible and let already existing organizations lead the way,” said Downballot Progress’ Executive Director Amaury Dujardin.

Candidates we’re chosen based off their endorsement status within organizations, policy stances, and their refusal to take large corporate or influential lobbyist donations to their campaigns.

“It’s an honor to be named a State Legislative Ally by Downballot Progress, a group that understands the urgency of getting corporate money out of politics. We need to elect representatives who will be accountable to the people. That’s why I’ve pledged not to take a cent from the fossil fuel industry, the real estate lobby, and big corporate donors.” – State Senate District 21 candidate David Alexis.

“I’m honored to be named a State Legislative Ally by Downballot Progress, who know how urgently we need progressive legislators fighting for our neighbors across all states.” – State Senate District 17 candidate Kristen Gonzalez.

“I am pleased to be included on the roster of progressive candidates of Downballot Progress.  It is important to increase progressives’ numbers in state legislatures across the country and I am looking forward to using my activism to serve the people of my Central Harlem Assembly District 70 in the New York State legislature, centering the principles of equity and fairness through legislation.” – State Assembly District 70 candidate Delsenia Glover 


Downballot Progress empowers Americans to advance progressive change while organizing efforts to reshape our government to ensure a system that represents people equitably. Downballot Progress will complete its mission through educating, championing and uniting millions of Americans willing to stand up for a just and equal democracy that works for everyone, not a privileged few. In doing so, Downballot Progress will work to create a government that reflects the views of the majority of Americans, thus strengthening our democracy for a sustainable republic.