Press Release

Our first Downballot Progress Ally

Oregon is a solidly blue state. Roughly 60-65% of its State Senate and State House is made up of Democrats, so you’d think that the party has the majority it needs to pass crucial progressive policies. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

Out of all the Democrats in both chambers, how many do you think refuse large corporate contributions? Just one. 

One! State Senator Jeff Golden. Here’s what he told us:

Oregonians, like most Americans, are starving for reform that will slash the power of big concentrated money in politics. I decline all PAC money in my campaigns, whether from ‘good’ or ‘bad’ PACs, to show that candidates can win wholly on the strength of people power. I’m hoping that example will help restore a small measure of hope that higher-integrity government is possible, and energize more people to effectively engage to bring it about.  We won’t make headway on our most important issues until it does.

For his efforts and courage, we’re naming Senator Jeff Golden our first recognized Downballot Progress Legislative Ally.