Press Release

California State Legislative Allies

NEW YORK, New York – Downballot Progress released its preliminary list of State Legislative Allies in California. The list includes Assemblymembers Ash Kalra and Alex Lee and State Assembly candidates James Coleman, Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, Jennifer Esteen and Pilar Schiavo.

In its release, Downballot Progress emphasized the importance of recognizing organizations already within California that help achieve Downballot’s mission. “In these cases, it’s important that Downballot Progress stand to the side as much as possible and let already existing organizations lead the way,” said Downballot Progress’ Executive Director Amaury Dujardin.

Candidates we’re chosen based off their endorsement status within organizations, policy stances, and their refusal to take corporate donations to their campaigns.

“Being Corporate-free allows me to be an effective legislator for the people of California. When voters know my campaign is people powered, they are more likely to trust my commitment to public service and I can be a true voice for the Progressive movement. The more corporate-free candidates we elect into office at all levels of government, the more success we can have in passing policies that focus on people over profits.” – Ash Kalra, Assemblymember CA 27

“There’s no reason why California can’t lead on the many issues we face today—a wealth tax, Medicare for all, a Green New Deal. As the only corporate-free progressive running this race, I promise I’ve got the courage to act.” – James Coleman, Candidate Assembly District 21

“It is vital to have a grassroots movement in the halls of State Legislatures that will represent the voice of the people, especially the most marginalized, against big moneyed interests. We can only accomplish that if we gain the financial resources and people power to out-organize these interests in each of our communities.” – Fatima Iqbal-Zubair, Candidate Assembly District 65

“As a political outsider, a working class nurse, and a candidate who has rejected corporate contributions, we have an opportunity to embolden and empower victory for all of us. Healthcare, housing, climate, education, and real investment in our communities are on the ballot this year, and I’m excited to join with Downballot Progress in building our collective movement.” – Jennifer Esteen, Candidate Assembly District 20


Downballot Progress empowers Americans to advance progressive change while organizing efforts to reshape our government to ensure a system that represents people equitably. Downballot Progress will complete its mission through educating, championing and uniting millions of Americans willing to stand up for a just and equal democracy that works for everyone, not a privileged few. In doing so, Downballot Progress will work to create a government that reflects the views of the majority of Americans, thus strengthening our democracy for a sustainable republic.