2021: Big election takeaways ?️

Although these off-year elections get less attention, the stakes are no less greater than those of a Presidential or Congressional election. Decisions being made by these politicians impact you everyday as you leave your home. If you couldn’t keep up with what happened, here’s some major takeaways:

Just because your state is blue does not mean it’s progressive

This election cycle we saw how “moderate” Democrats will prevent progress, a trend that will likely continue in races across the country moving forward. In Buffalo, New York, despite winning the Democratic primary, India Walton faced an uphill battle against an incumbent mayor that received support from Trump mega-donors and supporters. 

Centrism doesn’t work – try progressive policies next? 

Despite the heroic efforts from their campaign staff, Democrats are not doing everything they can do to win these critical state and local races. Americans across the board have been craving for working-class policies and Democrats delivering could go a long way for their win rates.

Stop fumbling, Democrats

In New York, three ballot initiatives related to redistricting, same-day voter registration and no-excuse absentee ballots, respectively — all failed. The NY Democratic Party failed to prioritize these measures and turn people out to cement voting rights. What gives?

Promising progressive gains  

Even if it’s inch by inch, we take all the progressive gains we can get. In key races, despite some losses to conservatives and moderate democrats, places like Boston saw major progress. Michelle Wu, a transit-loving, Green New Deal candidate secured a win for progressives through a vibrant, energetic, grassroots campaign rooted in her passion and relationships with the community. We need more of this. 

We need to do more than show-up in 2022

The 2022 midterms will not only be decisive for the U.S. House of Representatives, legislatures and governor’s offices across the country will also be having races. We will need to organize to advance progressive candidates and causes. Join us, and learn how we’re planning on doing that.